The House

Want something that will really make your guests googly eyed? Check out the Minami Azabu Masterpiece “The House” in Tokyo, Japan. Though the one-bedroom penthouse comes at a hefty price tag of $22 million dollars, the work of art house definitely offers enough to give your friends, family and colleagues a taste of expensive reality well spent.

The spacious living quarters boasts an original art piece by Hiroshi Senju (painted on-site); furniture designed by Ceccotti Collezioni; Italian imported stone and wood for walls, flooring and doors; a Japanese “Ryotei” style dining room; Perisian-style terrace overlooking Arisugawa Park; a bedroom with a fitted walk-in closet; a bathroom with a hot tub and a 60″ television; a hallway with massive storage units that holds 200 pairs of shoes; and lastly, a courtyard garden. Need I say more?

Check out more views after the jump.

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