Black Magic Cinema Camera

For a price less than the Canon 5D Mark III, Blackmagic Designs has developed a compact video camera with enough features and specs to set off more nerd alerts than a CES after party. 13 stops of dynamic range, a massive 2.5K sensor (refrigerated for cooling), 24-30fps, built-in high-speed SSD recorder that captures 12-bit CinemaDNG, ProRes and DNxHD files, 5″ capacitive touchscreen controls, Thunderbolt connectivity, and compatibility with Canon EF and Zeiss ZF mount lenses. Bypassing the limitations of DSLR cameras, which focus more on megapixels than dynamic range, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera captures dramatically more detail in the extremes of black and white. Combine that with the included DaVinci Resolve 9 color-correction software ($1,000 alone) and the result is Hollywood-grade (no pun intended) video and well-funded amateur prices.

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