Afterword: Roger Ebert by Steven Hyden

Roger Ebert

Like most movie lovers, I found myself sitting in front of the cable box like an recluse watching Siskel and Ebert every Sunday evening, and when that show ended because of Siskel’s worldly departure, I would go online to the Chicago Tribune to read Ebert’s written reviews. Why I did this, I can’t quite pin down. But there was a sense of trust in Ebert that I have never had for any other critic. It was Ebert that I would go to when I wanted to find out about the quality of a film that I had only 2 minutes of images and knowledge about. That is something to be said about a pop icon.

Pitchfork contributor Steven Hyden paid tribute to the late great film critic Roger Ebert in an Afterword article. It’s a quick, interesting read that anyone who ever heard the name Ebert, would enjoy. Simply read the essay here.

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