Chet Faker’s “Talk Is Cheap” Music Video

Chet Faker Talk Is Cheap

I feel like a lucky guy to have been able to catch a short set by Chet Faker at the Independent in San Francisco a few months ago. Why? The man has talent and soul. Chops even. The show was sold out as expected and the walls were dripping with sweat while everyone sang along to Faker’s most popular single “No Diggity”. The funny thing is, most of the people in the audience weren’t even alive when Blackstreet’s originally version of “No Diggity” first aired on MTV.

Anyway, Chet Faker is releasing his debut album Built On Glass on April 11 via Downtown Records, and he’s shared the official music video that accompanies the first single off the record titled “Talk Is Cheap”. It’s a stop motion piece directed by Toby & Pete and features Chet lying down in various environments. Check it out below.

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