Epperson Mountaineering Spring/Summer 2014 Day Packs

Epperson Bags 1

It’s an interesting life living in a big city. Whether walking around or riding public transportation, it’s always important to have a day pack that you can rely on… A day pack that is sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tare of daily life. Well, Epperson Mountaineering has released its Spring/Summer collection of such carry cases. The handcrafted bags from Libby, Montana, are secured with USA made YYK zippers, padded shoulder pads, and nylon taped-internal seams, and also two main compartments that are divided into four internal pockets, which include a key-holder clip and eight diamond-shaped natural leather patches. Be sure to grab one at Up There.

Epperson Bags 2 Epperson Bags 3 Epperson Bags 4 Epperson Bags 5 Epperson Bags 6

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