Listen to Beck’s New Album “Morning Phase”

Beck Morning Phase

The much anticipated proper follow up to Beck’s 2008 album Modern Guilt is finally here! Well, sort of. NPR is graciously streaming Morning Phase in its entirety until the record’s official release on February 25 via Capital Records.

Upon first listen, Morning Phase sounds awfully familiar to Beck’s previous work on his 2002 album Sea Change and that’s the point. Beck considers Morning Phase to be a sequel to Sea Change, and oddly enough, it’s an appropriate idea. The moody acoustic sounds of Morning Phase come at a time when 49/50 states in the USA are undergoing stressful cold weather conditions and continuous olympic drama circulating across the globe in Sochi. The record is full of down beat melancholy, yet still, even at the end of it all, Morning Phase sounds refreshing. However, now 12 full-length records under his belt, I wouldn’t go as far as to say Morning Phase is Beck’s best work yet, but it’s pretty damn enjoyable to listen to.

Head over to NPR to stream Morning Phase.

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