Thaddeus O’Neil Spring ’14 Lookbook

Thaddeus O'Neil 1

American surfer chic clothing company Thaddeus O’Neil has released its Spring 2014 lookbook. The collection is “inspired by the hobos of the sea and their poetry”. The debut SS 2014 collection features brightly contrasting color-printed trunks, relaxed separates and limited edition hand-dyed indigo kimono pieces for après-surf. Made by hand in New York City and Japan, each garment is of the highest quality construction and content using only the finest silk, linen, cotton, and pure Japanese indigo.

Thaddeus O'Neil 2 Thaddeus O'Neil 3 Thaddeus O'Neil 4 Thaddeus O'Neil 5 Thaddeus O'Neil 6 Thaddeus O'Neil 7 Thaddeus O'Neil 8 Thaddeus O'Neil 9

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