illest Summer 2014 Capsule Collection

Illest Summer 2014 - 9

Apparently summer’s already here in California, which means we’re going to have to wear more hats. Luckily, Orange County based brand illest’s Summer 2014 Capsule Collection is here for that very reason. While it actually may be difficult to focus on the accessories instead of the model, the collection includes two t-shirts, a raglan baseball t-shirt, two 5-panel caps, a snapback cap and a bucket cap. You can pick up all of these at illest’s online store.

Illest Summer 2014 - 2

Illest Summer 2014 - 3

Illest Summer 2014 - 4

Illest Summer 2014 - 5

Illest Summer 2014 - 6

Illest Summer 2014 - 7

Illest Summer 2014 - 8

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