Sushi Master Naomichi Yasuda Teaches the Proper Way to Eat Sushi

Sushi’s kind of the best food item on the planet. The complex flavors from the ingredients, the different textures, and the aesthetics all create a delicate delicacy that should go straight to your mouth and into your stomach as soon as the plate reaches the table. But sometimes picking those damn things up are so difficult and then once you do, what do you do about all of the sides that come with the rolls? There’s that green spicy stuff, white weird stuff, and some dark salty dip people douse all over their sushi all of the time. It’s time to learn the dos and don’ts of eating sushi cause I’m sure you’ve been doing it wrong. Oh, and don’t thank me, thank Naomichi Yasuda the next time you impress your friends at the dinner table.

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