Layered Glass Wave Sculptures by Ben Young

Broken Liquid 2

If you thought your kid’s 4th grade mission project was impressive, think again. New Zealand based sculptor Ben Young has unveiled a new collection of glass sculptures for the Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design Fair in Chicago this week. Young, a self taught artist, works with laminated clear float glass that he then puts atop cast concrete bases to create cross-section views of ocean waves that look almost like topographical charts. It’s really impressive work that I can only imagine takes multitudes of patience and the steadiest hands on earth. You can learn more about his sculptures over on Kirra Galleries, and follow him on Facebook.

Broken Liquid 3

Broken Liquid 4

Broken Liquid 5

Broken Liquid 6

Broken Liquid 7

Broken Liquid 8

Broken Liquid 9

Broken Liquid 10

Broken Liquid 11

Broken Liquid 12

Broken Liquid 15

Broken Liquid 16

Broken Liquid 17

Broken Liquid 18

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