Napa valley House by Eliot and Eun Lee

Napa Valley House 2

If you thought taking a weekend trip up to Napa Valley was luxurious enough. Think again…

By the looks of the image above, the Napa Valley house doesn’t seem like much. In fact, it almost looks like a newly designed vista point stop given its location. But it is indeed quite a spectacular design and sight to see.

Boasting a 3,500sq. foot footprint, the Calistoga, California compound was designed by Eliot and his wife Eun for Eliot’s parents and spans through a single ridge that had never been built on before. Instead of blasting away the ridge to create a flat site, they worked with the topography, letting it guide the design. The four rooms include a living/dining space, master bedroom and bath, guest house, and a spa with a sauna.

The separate buildings are united by a series of intersecting orthogonal paths and a rammed earth wall, which also extend into the landscape and incorporate other elements, such as the pool, into the property. Most of the original flora was preserved; larger trees were temporarily moved elsewhere on the site and then replanted. Additional plantings were added, though all the plants are native species such as tanoaks, madrones, and manzanitas.

The pool was designed as a lap pool with a wading pool (for children and for adults to relax) at one end. The other end features an art piece by Brooklyn artist Peter Lane. The overall philosophy of both the construction process and the final design was to step lightly on the existing landscape.

Napa Valley House 3

Napa Valley House 4

Napa Valley House 5

Napa Valley House 6

Napa Valley House 7

Napa Valley House 8

Napa Valley House 9

Napa Valley House 10

Napa Valley House 11

Napa Valley House 12

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