Cutback To Australia: A Surfing & Hairdressing Film

Cutback to Australia 1

Here in California, the surf is good and the girls are pretty. And, unlike other board sports like skateboarding and snowboarding, we don’t have to wait for dry concrete or powder on mountains. The ocean’s always there.

That’s why I can see why Japanese hair stylist Mr. Karu (aka Karu Kyosuke) is a self-confessed surfaholic. “But wait,” you ask, “what does surfing and hairstyling have to do with each other?” In 2013, Mr. Karu took his shears to the Pacific West Coast to document the connection he had made with the culture of surfers, surfer’s hair, and surfing in the award-winning film Cutback To California. Now, a year later, he’s journeyed to the shores of Australia to film a sequel titled Cutback To Australia.

The short film is quite cinematic and depicts Mr. Karu’s view of surfing and the importance of great haircuts. Quirky, yes, but when you watch the Cutback, you begin to realize how serious Mr. Karu is about his niche trade and honestly, it’s quite inspiring. With black and white images of Mr. Karu in action and surfers doing everything from cruising on small rolling knolls of water to gliding through massive barrels of liquid, Cutback is truly fun to watch. Not to mention, the soundtrack is impeccable as well. Check it out for yourself below.

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