Aitor Throup x Flying Lotus Death Veil Mask (v.002)

Death Veil Mask (v.002) 2

In leu of Stephen Ellison (a.k.a. Flying Lotus) performing at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz Saturday night, I thought it’d be good to take an in-depth look at the mask that Ellison wears during his live performances. After collaborating with British artist and designer Aitor Throup for the film ‘A Portrait of Noomi Rapace‘, a short that ultimately featured six unreleased Flylo tracks, the two got together again to create the Death Veil Mask (v.002).

The mask is actually the second version of a product which Ellison and Throup tested for the 1st leg of the ‘You’re Dead!’ American tour (October 2014), and was first revealed at the sold-out Flying Lotus gig at the Roundhouse, London on the 7th November 2014.

The eyes of the Death Veil Mask light up via an integrated switch, which allows Ellison to control it within the performance, giving him an identity on-stage as the audience get a real and direct representation of the orientation of Ellison’s face, even when surrounded by the immersive and progressive visual show which has now become synonymous with a Flying Lotus performance. The various components which form the final modular design can each be interchanged with more evolved and/or limited edition versions of them as the piece evolves through time.

Read full interview here:

Death Veil Mask (v.002) 3

Death Veil Mask (v.002) 4

Death Veil Mask (v.002) 5

Death Veil Mask (v.002) 6

Death Veil Mask (v.002) 7

Death Veil Mask (v.002) 8

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