Handcrafted Drinking Glasses by American Blown

American Blown 1

Keeping up with the Northwest here with a really cool sectional about a couple of guys who make handmade drinking glasses for Seattle’s American Blown. Behind the scenes are filmmaker Peter West and glass artist Carlo Pariotti, who for 40 years, has been crafting hand blown glass. The both of them strongly believe in “passing on techniques from master glassblower to apprentice” and have values that lie in the authenticity and tradition just like any Made-in-America business.

There are several techniques used in contemporary glass blowing; At American Blown, it begins with a mold. It’s an incredibly complex process — White-tinged molten glass is gathered from an extremely hot furnace using a hollow steel rod, then poured into a mold of what will become a drinking glass. Next, a hollow bubble is formed by rolling molten glass along a marver (jargon for steel table). This process helps to regulate the temperature and thickness of the cooling glass. In order to cool the temperature and thin the glass, a blower slowly and evenly rolls it along the marver. This is repeated until the glass gets its desired shape. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Take a look at the process for yourself above and shop American Blown glasses here.

American Blown 2

American Blown 3

American Blown 4

American Blown 5

American Blown 6

American Blown 7

American Blown 12

American Blown 8

American Blown 9

American Blown 10

American Blown 11


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