“Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior” Exhibit by Phong Bui

Phong Bui Spaced Out 1

Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior is an exhibition curated by Bui and features a selection of artists, born between the 1920s and 1980s, who have common interests in psychedelic experience, disordered time perception, consensus trance induction, turn on-tune in-drop out, temporal illusion, altered state of awareness, and novelty theory. Utilizing the psychedelic as a viable space of artistic creation—heightened uses of color, exuberant patterns, distorted forms, fantastical imagery in repetition or chaos, and a highly idiosyncratic visual language—the works seek to challenge our perception.

The entire space has been completely transformed with different textures, colors and light to house a variety of artwork and installations to create an eye-opening experience. Fluffy cotton candy carpet, walls full of sneakers, and a recreation of Fred Tomaselli’s mescaline cactus – complete with grow lights and good vibrations activated by the visitor – are all part of the journey. Phong Bui explains that “Psychedelia…generates a new mediation for the way in which we deal with the world, because the world outside is not enough.” Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior runs until December 14.

Phong Bui Spaced Out 2

Phong Bui Spaced Out 3

Phong Bui Spaced Out 4

Phong Bui Spaced Out 5

Phong Bui Spaced Out 6

Phong Bui Spaced Out 7

Phong Bui Spaced Out 8

Phong Bui Spaced Out 9

Phong Bui Spaced Out 10

Phong Bui Spaced Out 11

Phong Bui Spaced Out 12

Phong Bui Spaced Out 13

Phong Bui Spaced Out 14

Phong Bui Spaced Out 15

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