Rotor Effects: Tianna Gregory by Van Styles

Rotor Effects 2

Well gentlemen, I don’t think there is anything Tianna Gregory can’t do. In his latest editorial “Rotor Effects”, photographer Van Styles takes Gregory on a trip to the sky in a small helicopter 1,500 feet above Los Angeles. During the trip, Van Styles shot photos of Gregory in various positions while historic L.A. landmarks such as the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, Dodger’s Stadium, U.S. Bank Tower, Santa Monica Pier, and the Cinerama Dome provided epic backdrops. Check out the entire post by Van Styles here and be sure to catch the video above.


Rotor Effects 3

Rotor Effects 4

Rotor Effects 5

Rotor Effects 7

Rotor Effects 10

Rotor Effects 11

Rotor Effects 12

Rotor Effects 13

Rotor Effects 14

Rotor Effects 15

Rotor Effects 16

Rotor Effects 17

Rotor Effects 19

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