Introducing the New CHEMEX Ottomatic Coffeemaker

Chemex Ottomatic 1

Honestly, pouring perfectly tempered water over freshly ground Philz beans into my Chemex coffeemaker every morning before work got old like the week after I first bought the 6-cup caffinator. And I’m sure many other Chemex owners also agree. (Actually, I’m lying. There’s nothing like a good cup of joe brewed through a Chemex, but for the mood of this post:) Fuck standing in front of that gorgeous glass vase for 20 minutes, I’m never going to get the exact brew technique correct anyway!

So because Chemex understands my incredibly depressing strife, the German coffeemaker company is in the midst of releasing yet another top-of-the-line contraption to make sure every cup of joe comes out perfect. The Ottomatic coffeemaker is Chemex’s revolutionary answer to every coffee enthusiasts’ qualms of creating the utmost pristine cup of coffee. No more will you have to sit and watch the coffee filter drip tear by tear in order to refill the top of the carafe carefully with hot water because, well, the Ottomatic will do it automatically for you. The clean and simple design of the coffeemaker automatically manages key brewing variables by spraying the entire coffee bed with a pulsing water bath, which ensures maintained water temperature at the Specialty Coffee Industry target temp (197.6F-204.8F). In turn, the “Greedy Cup” sprayed technology not only ensures perfect brewing pressure, but also facilitates even extraction of brewed coffee into the bottom of the carafe. And as you know, Chemex coffeemakers are heatable by low level heat, so brilliantly, Chemex has built in a hot plate that keeps the brewed coffee at the International Coffee Organization’s recommended temp of 176F-185F. If you’re like me, the Ottomatic sounds like the perfect item to spend all your Christmas money on, but only if you have a cool $350 to spare. Brew on baristas!

Chemex Ottomatic 4

Chemex Ottomatic 5

Chemex Ottomatic 6

Chemex Ottomatic 7

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