Grotto Sauna by PARTISANS

Grotto Sauna 2

Somewhere on the northwest edge of Lake Huron in Toronto, Canada lies a free standing 800 square foot prefabricated Grotto Sauna with exceptional lake views and a curvaceous interior design. It is a sculpted space, sensual experience, and a sophisticated exercise in building science. Through careful research by design firm PARTISANS, the modern wooden grotto came to life through innovative design solutions by challenging the standards of current practices in the construction industry. By working directly with a millwork and steel fabrication partner on every detail, the grotto’s primary creation came in the form of using Leica 3D lasers to scan, model, and build the structure. It’s quite an amazing feat considering the exterior design boasts a solid, simple presence, while the interior comes modern and sleek with windows to allow natural sunlight to fuel the experience of relaxing in the sauna even more.

Grotto Sauna 4

Grotto Sauna 5

Grotto Sauna 6

Grotto Sauna 7

Grotto Sauna 8

Grotto Sauna 9

Grotto Sauna 10

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