“Grey” Erotic Zine & Film by Nicolas Gavino

Grey 2

French artist and photographer Nicolas Gavino is young, but his uncanny photography technique makes his work both somber and purposefully imperfect, which ultimately creates candid photography that’s both captivating and fascinating. With an unconventional technique, Gavino’s photographs show scars of harsh chemical treatments because he soaks them in commercial drain unclogging liquid to add an emotive veil of expression to the subjects he shoots. He has now published a 60-page stapled photo book sporting his work called Grey. Grey includes 45 photographs with subjects that bounce between intimate portraits of women and cityscapes that are well be influenced by the writings of George Bataille and the photos of Francis Bacon. Grey is available on Gavino’s website for 10.00.

Grey 3

Grey 4

Grey 5

Grey 6

Grey 7

Grey 8

Grey 9

Grey 10

Grey 11

Grey 12

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