Artist Residence Hotel In London

Artist Residence London 1

Located between Belgravia and Chelsea and in the heart of Pimlico Village, London, lies an intimate and homely 10 bedroom townhouse hotel called Artist Residence Hotel. The newly renovated hotel fills a former 19th-century town home that originally was designed and decorated by local artists in exchange for rooming accommodations. Now, the residence implements a modern approach to “eclectic luxury” and boasts a bohemian atmosphere with the hotels array of contemporary art paired with antique furniture and objects.

The hotel not only has plush rooms, but also houses exemplary cuisine and a location fit for any adventurer-alike. In the hotel is the 64 Degrees Restaurant created by chef owner Michael Bremner. From the looks of it, Bremner has no intention of messing around with food and instead sticks to the philosophy that food rules and the kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. And if you’re a whiskey drinker, the bar holds plenty of selections for even the truest of enthusiasts. Whether you’ve just eaten breakfast or dinner, you can then take a five minute walk over to the London Victoria Station or venture to attractions like the London Eye, Parliament & Big Ben, or Trafalgar Square. The choices are endless since you’re smack dab in the center of London’s mecca.

Artist Residence London 2

Artist Residence London 3

Artist Residence London 4

Artist Residence London 5

Artist Residence London 6

Artist Residence London 7

Artist Residence London 8

Artist Residence London 9

Artist Residence London 10

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