Haus F Mühlen in Taufers by Pedevilla Architects

Haus F Mühlen 2

Although it’s somewhere close to a 40-year dream, when it comes time for me to retire, I’m going to book a one-way flight to the region of South Tyrol in Northern Italy to grow old in the Haus F Mühlen by Pedevilla Architects. The family house is a 1060 sqm built in the foothills of surrounding mountains with an emphasis on displaying large windows in carefully chosen intervals to allow optimal views. While the entire home has an off-center feel with its odd angels and scattered windows, the uniform choice of materials from local sands, lime and white cement underlines the monolithic character of the building. Inside, the house is mixed with clean white concrete and expansive layers of wood. And although symmetry was not a priority, detail was. From the hand-decorated elm doors to treated bronze lighting and brass ironmongery, the Haus F Mühlen is craft to behold.

Haus F Mühlen 3

Haus F Mühlen 4

Haus F Mühlen 5

Haus F Mühlen 6

Haus F Mühlen 7

Haus F Mühlen 8

Haus F Mühlen 9

Haus F Mühlen 10

Haus F Mühlen 11

Haus F Mühlen 12

Haus F Mühlen 13

Haus F Mühlen 14

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