Temples and Skyscrapers of Japan Photographed by Akil Sesh

Akil Sesh Japan 2

I always tell people that Japan is my favorite country that I’ve never been to. And nowNew York based photographer and videographer Akhil Sesh’s incredible photograph album of Japan’s iconic traditional temples and the modern day bustling city life he shot while visiting the truly unique country proves just that. From visiting places like the Golden Temple of Kinkaku-ji, Mt. Fuji, Metropolitan Government building, Ryuzu falls in Nikko, Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, and so much more, Sesh is able to commentate on the scenes and sights that he came across – Ultimately giving us a bird’s eye view into the Western Asian country.

Akil Sesh Japan 3

Akil Sesh Japan 4

Akil Sesh Japan 5

Akil Sesh Japan 6

Akil Sesh Japan 7

Akil Sesh Japan 8

Akil Sesh Japan 9

Akil Sesh Japan 10

Akil Sesh Japan 11

Akil Sesh Japan 12

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