House for a Photographer by Hyde Architects

Hyde Architects House 2

Just when you think living ‘above’ ground wasn’t fascinating, try living in a humble abode that’s literally floating over its garage. United Kingdom based design firm Hyde Architects uses drastic tactics to create a house with dramatic aesthetics. The house for a photographer is gently perched against the walls of a natural a cul-de-sac ridge hillside to create a uniquely custom built residence.

The home’s first floor cantilever slab construction is that of in-situ concrete. A combined heat recovery unit is used in conjunction with high performance insulated structural panels (SIP) for the walls and 2nd floor, all helping to achieve a high level of thermal efficiency and air tightness. These passive strategies employed emphasise the importance of maximising long-lasting energy performance improvements to the fabric of a dwelling, before adding the optimum renewable solution. And the choice of materials helps to reinforce the authentic nature of the development, ensuring that the architecture has an intelligent narrative based on both its aesthetic appearance and its reference to place.

Hyde Architects House 3

Hyde Architects House 4

Hyde Architects House 5

Hyde Architects House 6

Hyde Architects House 7

Hyde Architects House 8

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