Teranishi Heads to Iceland for Its Waxed Canvas “Ísland” Lookbook

When my friend Teppei Teranishi is not playing music in the band Thrice, he crafts incredible handmade leather and canvas goods with the focus of “blurring the lines between craft/design, function/form [and] tradition/progression”. In his latest lookbook, Teranishi traveled to the dreamy wilderness of Iceland to showcase the label’s collection titled “Ísland”, which features a waxed canvas rucksack, leather bookmarks, and key clips. If lookbook is not enough for you to get excited about his latest offerings, be sure to check out Teranishi’s website for more information.

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 2

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 3

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 4

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 5

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 6

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 7

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 8

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 9

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 10

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 11

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 12

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 13

Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 14Teranishi %22Island%22 Lookbook 15

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