3×1 + Token Denim Surfboards

3x1 : Token Surfboard 1

While surfing is not known for being a rich man’s sport, 3×1 denim supplier and surfboard craftsmen Token have taken on an unthinkable task this summer by producing just the opposite: “luxury” denim surfboards. The collaboration boasts three products that bear the infamous Token Surfboard shape while 3×1 has supplied carefully planned rare denim inlays, all of which, infuses a nice blend of Long Island style and function. If you’re interested, the boards start at a humble price of $2,800, but you’ll receive a complimentary matching selvedge denim travel bag and board sleeve with your purchase.

3x1 : Token Surfboard 2 3x1 : Token Surfboard 3 3x1 : Token Surfboard 4 3x1 : Token Surfboard 5 3x1 : Token Surfboard 6

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