Casa Brutale Resident Concept by OPA

Open Platform for Architecture (OPA) presents a stunning design project titled Casa Brutale. As a nod to the infamous Casa Malaparte on the eastern side of the Italian island of Capri, the wood, glass, and concrete design fuse together to create “a geometrical translation of the landscape” and “an uncladded statement on the simplicity and harmony of contemporary architecture.” The residence allows for incredible unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea from its cliffside setting. Atop the structure is a crystalline glazed-bottom swimming pool that doubles as a recreational playground as well as the rooftop. Through the pool, the rest of the house is able to receive natural light, which illuminates the minimalist contemporary design that concrete slabs provides. Other highlights include a massive monolithic glass facade, an enormous rotating door of aged wood, and the comfort of sure luxury all around.

Casa Brutale 2 Casa Brutale 3 Casa Brutale 4 Casa Brutale 5 Casa Brutale 6 Casa Brutale 7 Casa Brutale 8 Casa Brutale 9 Casa Brutale 10 Casa Brutale 11 Casa Brutale 12

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