World’s First 100% Agave Surfboard

Legendary American surfboard shaper Gary Linden has sought out to make the world’s first surfboard made entirely from the agave plant. While Linden has spent decades shaping some of the best wooden surfboards around, he, nor anyone else, have been successful at completely such a landmark task. After shaping the board, Linden spoke with Mexican jimadors (agave farmers) to make the sturdiest board he could and found that a combination of pulp and leaves worked best to bind the agave bark together. Check out the video above to see the entire process pan out and the photos below to see highlights of the inventive craftsmanship Linden possesses.

Agave Surfboard 1 Agave Surfboard 2 Agave Surfboard 3 Agave Surfboard 4 Agave Surfboard 5 Agave Surfboard 6 Agave Surfboard 7 Agave Surfboard 9

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