Denmark’s Kreafunk Fuses Creativity & Functionality With New Audio Line

Kreafunk Audio 2

Denmark is home to some of the finest design firms in the world and it’s no surprise the country keeps introducing more just like the Central Valley in California grows produce. Newcomer Kreafunk is a design company fueled by the minds of Kenneth Melchoff Bahnsen and Ruben Fog-Fredsgaard whose mission is to produce objects that merge creative thinking with function. While we’ve heard this statement from creatives before, Kreafunk has found a happy medium between clean design with an infectious sense of charm. Whether the company’s aOWL speaker, which takes shape from its name, or toCHARGE portable charger, which resembles a beautiful water-smoothened stone, you’ll find an array of audio products that not only look brilliant, but provide brilliance in performance as well. Check out the collection at Kreafunk’s website.

Kreafunk Audio 3 Kreafunk Audio 4 Kreafunk Audio 5 Kreafunk Audio 6

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