The Cinder Cone: Self-Built Treehouse, Skate Bowl, and Book

The Cinder Cone 2

Children often dream the grandest of ideas in which never seem possible to achieve as an adult. Years of imagination take a toll until we finally succumb to the harsh reality that is “life”. However, unlike most people, Foster Huntington, Tucker Gorman, and their friends refused to let those dreams pass easily.

After months of planning, the group of men came together to build a treehouse on the Columbia Gorge in Skamania, Washington called The Cinder Cone. This treehouse is unlike any other however. The group hand built the gorgeously designed home from scratch. While some are professional woodworkers, most just learned how to craft the product on the job. Thus, after 12 months of prepping, planning, and building, the multi-leveled octagon-shaped treehouse not only was complete, but the group built a skate bowl and wood-fired hot tub to create a live/work environment everyone involved could enjoy.

What’s more incredible is the process in which it took to build such an incredible addition to the Washington state. Huntington documented the construction in thousands of photos and sketches, which will be printed as a book via his Kickstarter campaign. Oh, and there’s also a video to add cinematic value to the project, which you can watch below.

If anything good comes out of this, it’s that dreams do come true as long as you put work into it.

The Cinder Cone 3 The Cinder Cone 4 The Cinder Cone 5 The Cinder Cone 6 The Cinder Cone 7

The Cinder Cone 8

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