The New York Subway System Pantone Color Poster

NY Subway Pantone 2

New York is a grandiose city full of beautiful architecture, culture, and history, but in it’s mammoth cityscape, there are many minuscule and mundane aspects to the city that get lost in the daily hustle and bustle. One of those items is the New York subway system’s signage. While the signs don’t look like much individually, the system’s signage is actually of some spectacular artistic achievements. Thankfully designers and artists Alex Daly and Hamish Smyth understand just that.

The two have organized every subway sign by Pantone colors and turned it into artwork in the form of posters. Officially approved by the MTA, the iconic design of the New York subway system’s signage is now part of a celebration of Bob Noorda and Massimo Vignelli’s vision from 1970 in a single handprinted poster. If you’re interested in the posters, head over to support Alex and Hamish’s Kickstarter page and purchase one for yourself.

NY Subway Pantone 3 NY Subway Pantone 4

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