How To Make Your Own Sriracha Sauce

California is home to many popular edible products, but only one of them adds a very unique zing to the mouths of millions on a yearly basis. Sriracha – The spicy, salty, and sweet Asian hot sauce – has become a household name around the world in recent years. In fact, it is so popular, the Sriracha factory produces 3,000 bottles per hour, 24 hours a day, to go on to sell a massive 20 million bottles a year worldwide, yet most consumers of the sauce hardly know what’s in the incredibly addictive condiment.

Vice’s mini-series Munchies has delved deep into the science of the Sriracha recipe alongside Lisa Murphy, owner of Sosu Sauces, to show you how to make your own fermented recipe at home. While the ingredients are kept to a minimum, the process takes a while since you have to ferment the paste, but from the looks of the end result, you’ll be packing a punch with everything you eat for years to come.

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