Everyday Objects and Their Pantone Colors by Inka Matthews

Tiny PMS 2

In May 2013, Graphic designer Inka Matthew set out to find the PMS match for the color of the Georgia Blue flowers that were growing in front of her house. She set the flower on the matching Pantone chip, took a photo with her iPhone, put it on Instagram, and the rest is history. Matthew’s keen aesthetic to everyday object’s colors have found her managing a hugely successful Tumblr and Instagram accounts, with a book slated for Spring 2016. The objects range from flowers to marshmallows in her son’s Lucky Charms. I’ve posted a few of my favorites, but be sure to check out the rest on her website.

Tiny PMS 3 Tiny PMS 4 Tiny PMS 5 Tiny PMS 6 Tiny PMS 7 Tiny PMS 8 Tiny PMS 9 Tiny PMS 10 Tiny PMS 11

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