Shigeru’s Mix 01: Heady Beats

One of my favorite past times was the act of making mix tapes for friends. These mix tapes didn’t exist in the cloud though. They were cassettes, CDs, you know, that sort of thing – tangible things. I have tons of playlists and random songs saved on my computer, so I thought it would be a good idea to get back into the swing of things and start spreading the wealth. However, this time, instead of handing over a CD with a personal message written on it, I’m sharing them through the handy-dandy and oh-so-convenient app called Spotify.

Shigeru’s Mix 01 includes many mellow hip-hop tracks with heady beats alongside Jazzy and oldies samples. They’re not really ‘party’ songs, but rather more for the lazy Sunday’s and chillout sessions. Maybe nighttime, maybe during the day, maybe while you’re driving, maybe while you clean the house. Whatever it is, you’d definitely have a blunt or something with the same contents in your hand concurrently. Enjoy.

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